“Having worked with graphic designers for 20+ years, I can honestly say that Susan Harper is a dream come true! She is extremely professional yet relaxed. Her turnaround time is unmatched. She is open to client ideas and feedback with patience and focus. It is obvious that she is fully engaged when working on a project no matter how big or small, and never loses sight of my goal for the project. Her work is clean, creative and precise, and she never offers repeated ideas just to finish quickly. I enjoy my freedom to collaborate and get the exact look and message I am going for. With Susan, I am never disappointed. My Association is incredibly fortunate to have Susan on its team. We started with no brand within our industry and now have a recognizable presence that has shown a more than 30% increase in participation in 2016 alone! Her pricing is fair, and she understands the hoops nonprofit associations must sometimes go through. All I can say is HIRE SUSAN HARPER. It will be the best decision you make for your project or organization.

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