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“When we were selected to partner with Lancaster Chamber, we knew that the branding, messaging and marketing of the Grudi Advantage program would take special insight and expertise. That is why we immediately went to Sharper Creative. Grudi Associates had been working with Sharper Creative nearly 20 years, so we knew what they could do. Everyone on the Grudi Advantage team was thrilled with the results.”
Walt Grudi

The Need

Lancaster Chamber is one of the best chambers of commerce in the country, often recognized for the value and support they bring to the Lancaster County business community. Through its value-added program, Lancaster Chamber partners with local businesses to offer Lancaster Chamber members special prices and other benefits. The Chamber also benefits. Grudi Associates was awarded the partnership and called upon Sharper Creative to create its identity, messaging and promotional materials.

The Solution

Working in close partnership with Grudi Advantage team members – both at Grudi Associates and Lancaster Chamber – Sharper Creative developed a graphic identity and messaging that effectively promotes the extremely high value for members and the Chamber. It was very important that Grudi Advantage and Grudi Associates branding and messaging did not conflict or overshadow each other. Sharper Creative then developed an array of promotional materials, including a website, electronic promotional pieces, printed flyers, a calendar featuring local photography, and more.

The Results

Since its launch, Grudi Advantage has been very positively received by Lancaster Chamber members and others in the community. Because a business must be a Lancaster Chamber member to be eligible for Grudi Advantage, the Chamber has gained membership since the program rolled out. Lancaster Chamber and its participating members are gaining significant financial rewards and other benefits, while Grudi Associates is signing new business. Sharper Creative continues to support Grudi Advantage.

Project Samples

Click on the gallery images below to see a few of the completed communication pieces we have created for this client.

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