Re-messaging & Renewing

Developing a new brand, invigorated messaging, and engaging promotional materials

It is refreshing to work with true marketing professionals like Sharper Creative who not only have the necessary expertise and backgrounds, but also understand how to effectively work with clients to get the best results.
David Smith
Former Director of Business Development

The Need

Rynone Manufacturing Corporation, a leading and pioneering manufacturer of high-quality countertops, vanities, casework and associated products, recognized the need to enhance its visibility and brand clarity in an increasingly competitive market. In addition to better communicating its highly desirable products and services, Rynone needed to cross-sell its wide range of offerings to both current and potential customers.

The Solution

Clarifying Rynone’s value proposition through brand development was the first step we recommended. The process revealed and leveraged Rynone’s rich history and its industry-leading integrity, performance and value to define a strong, differentiating brand. Then we produced top-quality brochures and communication materials for highly targeted, high-potential market segments.

The Results

Rynone’s new brand and materials have enhanced its position in the market, receiving significant positive responses from multiple segments. They have also aided in cross-selling by informing purchasers and decision makers. In addition, Rynone’s new products are meeting or exceeding expectations in the market.

Project Samples

Click on the gallery images below to see a few of the completed communication pieces we have created for this client.

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