6 Simple Tips for Mastering Your Business’s Social Media on a Budget

— By Susan Harper

It is no secret that social media can play a powerful marketing role for all kinds of businesses. From ecommerce brands to B2B companies and startups, social media can help companies connect with new audiences, increase brand awareness, and tell their story in a relaxed and relatable way. 

Social media doesn’t have to be a complex process or extremely time-consuming. Instead, it can be fun and manageable when done the right way. Ready to embrace your business’s social presence? We’re sharing 6 tips to help you get started.

First things first … what’s the secret to social media success?

The secret is that there really isn’t one. While all different kinds of businesses find success on various social media platforms, there are two key things to keep in mind when posting content: be consistent and post valuable content. 

It’s important to establish consistency with your audience so that they know what to expect. If posting 3 times a week across your platforms isn’t doable, then don’t try to start with that many posts. Instead, you might aim for one post a week. This helps your audience understand how often you’ll be posting and when they should check back for new content. 

It’s also important to post quality content. Ask yourself what your audience values. Oftentimes, it’s not promotional sales material. They want to read helpful, relatable content, learn more, and better understand how your business can solve their problems. For those in the B2B space, brand awareness is usually most important in terms of what content you share. 

So, where do you begin?

1. Choose a monthly topic or theme to share

Having one specific topic or theme to focus on each month helps you hone in on your content and messaging, and helps your audience understand what “campaign” you are running. A topic might solve a problem, emphasize a pain point, or relate to your audience in a different way. By having a singular-focused theme, you can also create specific content that can be repurposed in multiple ways – cue numbers 2 and 3.

You could consider the time of year and any holidays or events
when choosing your theme.

2. Create a blog post

Whether you’re writing the blog or you have a writer do it for you, your blog post can focus on the monthly theme you want to highlight. A blog can ‘live’ on your website and help provide users with fresh content to read. Additionally, a blog offers SEO value, and the content from the blog can easily be shared and teased on your social platforms.

3. Send a monthly newsletter

With a monthly theme and blog post written, the next step is to create a monthly newsletter that highlights your new post. Email newsletters can be simple to create and are a great way to share your blog posts with clients, friends, and your community.

If you use a CRM or have a list of contacts, start by sharing your newsletter with them. As you get into a rhythm with sending your newsletter each month, you can also promote it on your website, social media platforms, and through word of mouth. Make it easy for new users to subscribe to your email newsletter right from your website.

4. Share content on your social platforms

Start with one platform and expand from there. With your theme in mind, your blog written, and your newsletter created to promote and share, you can easily craft a few posts a month that keep your social media presence up-to-date and give your audience content to consume. Consider starting with Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, but remember that audiences on each platform are different, so pick a platform most appropriate to your clientele, and structure your content to resonate with them.

There are lots of options for your chosen platform.

5. Don't forget the graphics

As you share posts on social media and add blogs to your website, don’t forget to consider branding and graphics. Social media platforms are increasingly visual, so the images and content you share along with captions and links matter – a lot. Embrace a cohesive look and feel across all aspects of your business’s digital footprint.

6. Like, share and comment

To increase your posts’ visibility and reach, be sure to like, share and comment on posts. If you have a team behind you who is willing to do the same, we suggest encouraging them to do so. The more eyes you get on your posts, the quicker you can grow your following. But remember, consistency and quality still matter.

Looking for more support?

Sharper Creative can help! If you still don’t feel confident managing your social media profiles alone, connect with our team to learn more about available packages. We can help you with each step of the process outlined and post for you – so you can watch your brand’s presence grow.

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