“When I came on board at TechServe, we were in a jam. The conference marketing had just started, but we were already behind. Fortunately, I found Sue. She asked the right questions to clarify our vision. And then she delivered, with amazing turnaround times. Boy, did she deliver! When her designs would come in, I could feel my stress melt away. I just felt like, holy smokes, she totally gets it! What’s more? She’s so incredibly pleasant and positive, all the time, even when things got crazy busy. Her quality work and attention to detail is nothing short of amazing. Sue actually went to the printer to ensure that the direct mail was getting cut and folded the way she specified! She worked with our conference company on logistics and booth design—and at every step, took my stress away. Working with Sue was, and is, such a relief! I have worked in the trade association industry my whole career. As marketing people, we have a vision, but we’re not designers. Sue is incredible at translating what we need. She is a rare gem among designers.”

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