Are You Literal or Conceptual?

— By Susan Harper

The Evolution of a Concept

Sometimes the theme or concept for your conference can be tricky to translate into a creative vision. Would a literal representation be the best approach for your audience or would something more abstract encourage engagement? The best solution is to have a variety of options to consider.

We provided NABCA with a series of thumbnail ideas for their 2017 Annual Conference “Take Advantage of Change”.

After review, NABCA wanted us to dig deeper into four of the ideas we presented. So we developed the creative direction a bit further and added a little color so the client could see more closely how the final art might look.

After more client discussion, we distilled the options down to two final options, shown below.

A few iterations later, we ended on a traditional representation based on the change of seasons, shown below. Coordinating seasonal background graphics were then developed and used throughout the conference materials.

Every client and project is different. In this example, we feature an illustrative-based concept and final design, however, there are many other ways to approach a creative direction such as incorporating photography or hand lettering, for example. It all depends on your goals, objectives, standards, style and resources.

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