Event Brand Packages

Shape the way people experience your event from start to finish.

Build excitement. Drive attendance. Get a better ROI.

Here’s a few popular Event branding Packages

The Event Brand
Kit and Kaboodle

Includes an event brand and creation of all the communication materials you need for marketing your event.

The Event Brand
Starter Kit

A smaller event brand package with event graphics that will lay the foundation for your marketing efforts.

Event Brand

For maximum impact, put some power behind your theme with a targeted event brand!

The Event Brand Kit and Kaboodle

Complete Event Branding

You want an experienced partner to develop and produce the collateral for your event. We get it! We’ll build your package from the ground up starting with the creative concept. Then, we’ll design whatever you need in order to inform and delight your attendees, exhibitors, guests and speakers. And … our streamlined, stress-free production process will leave you breathing easy!

Build your Custom package
graphic concept
save the date / registration materials
textures / backgrounds / icons
digital assets for web / social / apps
digital / print / large format / signage
specialty items / tickets / guides / programs
whatever you need
Custom packages include UNLIMITED EDITS ON TEXT for easy, worry-free updates.

Event Brand Starter Kit

Expert Design to target your needs – and your audience
Creative Concept
an engaging graphic based on your event theme
Social Media Graphics
cover images for up to 4 social media pages such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Website HERO
a branded image for your website; we just need the size specs
Save the Date
one 6 x 11 postcard (or equivalent) to help spread the word in print or digital distribution
Event Identity Guide
a reference for color builds and fonts used in the creative concept

Event Brand Builder

For Virtual, Hybrid or In-person events

Perfect for organizations that want an elevated event brand and assets delivered to their in-house team.

Creative Concept
an engaging graphic based on your event theme; 2-3 concepts presented; 3 rounds of revisions
one texture, pattern or gradation to use in other materials
Event Identity Guide
a reference for color builds and fonts used in the creative concept
Smaller Projects and Add-Ons

App Graphics

Brand and customize your app with the creative concept for your event.

Workbooks and Guides

Print or digital documents to build engagement with your attendees.

Brand Inventory

Perfectly designed and sized graphics for digital media and social platforms.


Graphic design for on-site signage such as entrance, meter board or directional.

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App Graphics

Brand and customize your event app

We’ll customize your event app with the graphic concept we’ve developed or with the creative you supply.

Workbooks and Guides

Tangible Goods for Your Attendees

Don’t just rely on online tools to engage your audience. Make it fun and easy for attendees to follow along during presentations, take notes, play a game or scribble, doodle and color. Surprise your attendees with a printed piece – mailed directly to them – or, of course, you can share a PDF.

Brand Inventory

Visual Assets for Digital Platforms

Promote a new event, product, service or special announcement. We’ll create a family of cohesive graphics for social media, web, digital ads, and other online needs.


Brand Your In-Person Event

Continue your event branding with meter boards, directionals, and other signage to help your attendees navigate. We’ll carry on the creative concept from the starter kit, or use the creative you supply.

What Clients Say


Director of Marketing & Communications

“Sue is incredible at translating what we need. Her quality work and attention to detail are nothing short of amazing. She worked with our conference company on logistics and booth design – and at every step, took my stress away.”


Meeting Manager

“Through Sue, we’ve been able to bring new creative vision to our conference materials and move toward a professional customization that sets the tone for our conferences.”


Manager of Meetings & Tradeshows

“Sue took the information provided and turned our on-site guide into a completely different marketing piece that was not only refreshed, but more user-friendly in size. She was absolutely fantastic to work with!”

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