How to leverage case studies as proof points for your business

— By Susan Harper

One of the most important factors prospective clients consider when deciding which companies to work with and support is proof – proof that your business lives up to all of its claims and that it really does what you say it does. This is where proof points come in. While they vary in form and from industry to industry, universally, case studies are a great way to showcase all that your business can do (and already has). 

Case studies can be used to highlight many different aspects of a project, from who you worked with to how you achieved proven results. If you’re not already leveraging case studies, now is the time to do so. But if you’re not yet convinced, here are six great ways you can feature your work and positive outcomes through case studies.

1. Showcase results

Use case studies to show tangible results your business has helped produce. Companies can talk on and on about how they can save you money or increase leads – but the ones who actually show that they can do these things win over the most business. 

Write case studies about your most compelling wins, highlighting exactly how you helped your client get the results they were looking for and then some. Not only does this prove that your business offers real value for its clients, it is also a great way for prospective clients to see your business through the eyes of those you’ve worked with.

2. Promote who you work with

Case studies are also an excellent tool for illuminating your bread-and-butter clients or those who are the best match for you. While many businesses have multiple audiences they work with, most have a particular type of client that is the best fit. Use case studies to showcase these best-case scenarios. 

On the flip side, you can also use your case studies to highlight the variety of clients you work with and how your services extend across industries.

3. Highlight service offerings

You can also use case studies to promote the kinds of services that you offer. This is especially helpful for businesses that uniquely cater their services to each client. By creating multiple case studies, you can give real-world examples of how a given service benefited the client.

4. Utilize a problem/ solution format

We always recommend setting up your case studies in a way that presents the client problem or challenge and positions your business as the solution to their needs. This is an easy way for readers to skim through things and find what they’re looking for, and it also shows the direct correlation between pain points your clients face and how you remedy them.

5. Share testimonials

In today’s business landscape, we all know that testimonials are essential – from reviews on Google to industry-specific websites. Make the most of your client testimonials by incorporating them in case studies. This serves to extend your client-generated content, and give greater depth to and strengthen your case studies. Any business can claim that they’re the best, but hearing it from an actual client gives it more weight and credibility.

Clients can leave valuable testimonials for you in many places.

6. Spread the word

After you create a case study, be sure to let the client that you wrote about know! This is great content for them to share and requires nothing on their end – but can greatly benefit you. By clients sharing your case studies, they expose your business and services to new audiences who may also be interested in your services but who are unfamiliar with who you are or what you offer.

Unsure of where to start?

Sharper Creative can help you tell your client stories in meaningful, impactful ways. From writing content to creating visuals to share on social media, our team can help bring your case studies to life – and light.

Connect with our team today to learn more about leveraging your work and quality reputation.

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