“Leading into the ICPI Summer Meeting, I was interested in changing up our meeting on-site guide but was working with a minimal budget. We had used the same layout and design for the last six meetings, and it was time for a change – something that had a different look, feel and size. Sue had reached out previously and offered to showcase her talents on one of my next projects, so I touched base with her to begin the initial conversation. This was my first time working with Sue on a project, and she was absolutely fantastic to work with! She took the information provided and turned our on-site guide into a completely different marketing piece that was not only refreshed, but more user-friendly in size. Our meeting attendees not only recognized the difference, but they were seen referencing the guide more often throughout the meeting as it fit easily in their pockets. Sue has a great eye for color and design, was quick to return edits, and always happy to provide insight. I have truly enjoyed working with Sue on this project, and look forward to our next project together!”

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