Need a Fresh Perspective?

— By Susan Harper

A little distance can make a big difference.

Over the years, clients have occasionally provided us with copy for a collateral piece and/or website. We’ve seen text go on and on for pages when a summary would have sufficed, while others struggle to provide basic bullet points for specific services or products. Usually, this is because the client is too close to their own business or unclear as to what their message really is. It can be hard for them to focus on the benefit from a customer’s perspective, and so the message gets buried or watered down with no differentiation.

If you’re struggling to hone in on your message in a streamlined, concise way, or get bogged down in too many details, maybe it’s time for a fresh perspective. We have the skills to dig in and find what’s special and unique about your organization, its products/services, and then craft the message and design strategy that could feel refreshing and new — and most importantly – strike a chord with your target audience.

Example: The KonTerra Group offers employee assistance and resilience programs to humanitarian organizations with workers in high-risk, conflict areas around the world. To distill the depth, complexity and benefits of what they do into clear, concise messaging, we first had to get out of the weeds and look at the big picture. We then added only the necessary details, allowing KonTerra to tell the rest of the story in follow-up communications.


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