Expand Your Bandwidth

Complimenting In-house Resources Outsource partnerships are perfect for organizations with needs that exceed current resources. Benefits include accessing specialized talent, increasing organizational capacity and staffing flexibility, among many others. It can potentially reduce staffing costs, too. As a specialized vendor resource for associations and nonprofits, we can jump in and collaborate with internal teams to […]

Making Good When It Counts.

Taking a leap of faith. When unexpected challenges arose just a few weeks away from their annual meeting, NAILBA called on us to help with their annual report. Working with the interim CEO (at the time), Susan Klemmer, we jumped in, followed brand guidelines, and sent Susan a few pages of the creative direction, which […]

Need a Fresh Perspective?

A little distance can make a big difference. Over the years, clients have occasionally provided us with copy for a collateral piece and/or website. We’ve seen text go on and on for pages when a summary would have sufficed, while others struggle to provide basic bullet points for specific services or products. Usually, this is […]

Ah, Summer Reading

In these dark cold days of winter, who doesn’t want to look ahead to warm summer days. Even though it will be a while until I can sit on the patio with a good book here in Pennsylvania, I was able to soak up some sunshine while working on a new logo. Pennsylvania Libraries wanted […]

Love Never Gives Up

Every year, my client, Preservation Pennsylvania, releases the Pennsylvania At Risk list. This list draws statewide attention to the plight of Pennsylvania’s historic resources, promotes and supports local action to protect historic properties, and encourages funding and legislation that supports preservation activities. Even more exciting … This year, I wanted to share my love for […]

Direction Detective

Uncovering Creative Solutions Oftentimes, my clients say they know what they want, but they think they aren’t explaining it in a way that makes sense. Sometimes that’s true, but more often than not, they are providing direction in a roundabout way; it just requires a little bit of detective work and a little bit of […]

Driving Attendance

Can an event brand build numbers? Are you feeling some lackluster attendance at your events? If so, consider your image. By investing in a strong brand, you can potentially increase your event’s ability to stand out in the minds of key decision makers – and potentially drive attendance. Mary Hendrickx, Conference Manager at Refrigerating Engineers […]

Picture-Perfect Tips for a Successful Headshot

Recently, I was fortunate to get some new photography of the signage we created for RETA’s 2017 Annual Conference. The destination was Hershey, Pa., which was only a short commute from my office. I took a few hours off and headed to chocolate country. The conference was held at the Hershey Lodge, a beautiful venue […]

Are You Literal or Conceptual?

The Evolution of a Concept Sometimes the theme or concept for your conference can be tricky to translate into a creative vision. Would a literal representation be the best approach for your audience or would something more abstract encourage engagement? The best solution is to have a variety of options to consider. We provided NABCA […]

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