Comprehensive Marketing Support

Providing marketing support and promotional materials to advance long-term growth in a high-tech industry

“Sharper Creative has been assisting Grudi Associates with a full range of design and marketing services for nearly 20 years. Sue Harper, Gary Treer and their associates have done an exceptional job for us. Their creativity, expertise and ability to create effective marketing materials have been invaluable to us. I especially appreciate the outstanding level of customer service Sharper Creative provides. It has created a very positive, enjoyable experience. Sharper Creative has my highest endorsement!”
Walt Grudi

The Need

In 2002, Grudi Associates was a small Telecom services firm, primarily focused on selling cellular telephones and other limited services to business customers. They wanted to expand the range of Telecom & IT services they marketed, while aggressively selling cellular services – their bread and butter. In the ever-changing Telecom & IT industry, new opportunities and needs appeared on a daily basis. Grudi Associates needed, and still does, marketing support that could keep pace.

The Solution

Sharper Creative developed a close relationship with Grudi Associates, building a deep knowledge of the Telecom & IT services that were to be marketed by the Grudi team. Both short- and long-term recommendations were presented on an ongoing basis. Brand development, strategic recommendations, and other marketing support were provided in addition to a full complement of promotional materials and activities.

The Results

Grudi Associates has grown from a few people selling a small group of products and services to a constantly growing staff of Telecom & IT professionals offering comprehensive services to a very large client list of businesses and organizations. Sales have consistently increased, enabling Grudi Associates to expand its capabilities and move into exciting new markets.

Project Samples

Click on the gallery images below to see a few of the completed communication pieces we have created for this client.

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