How to Make Your Brand Message Resonate with Your Audience

Messaging in the marketing world encompasses everything that your brand communicates to others – leads, customers, your community, stakeholders, and future employees. Your message should be representative of your business and foster a relationship with those who come across it.  But what happens when your message isn’t connecting with your audience? Conversations wane, your sales […]

4 Reasons Why A Cohesive Digital Brand Matters in 2022

Digital branding encompasses so much more than just a logo, fonts, colors, and a name. A digital brand should speak your business’s language and communicate with customers, leads, and the community on every level.  While branding in general is important, cohesion is the key to setting your digital branding up for success. A cohesive brand […]

Focus Groups

Need a deep dive into the mindset of your membership? Have you considered focus groups or interviews? They can reveal some surprising insights that you may not have otherwise known, and lead you to create more impactful targeted communications for launching new products, services or membership initiatives. Check out this video series where I talk […]

Perfecting Page Layout

Often, a document’s cover is featured front and center when creative folks like me share work samples. But most of the time, the inside page spreads contain the real “meat” of the design. Taking assets from a client and giving them structure, order, readability and creative cohesiveness is also where all the hard work lies. […]

Celebrate Stats!

Sharing statistics with your audience and stakeholders, in communication materials such as annual reports, doesn’t need to be dry or boring. From picking an engaging color palette to showcasing your statistics in a new, fun or creative way, there are lots of ways to bring life to your numbers. The annual report I designed for […]

What a Circus

Inspiration for creative concepts can come from a variety of places. Take Sarasota, Florida, for example. When the last Ringling brother decided to move the winter quarters of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus from Bridgeport, Connecticut, to Sarasota, it helped the town prosper and grow (you can read more here at Ninety […]