What is brand identity and why does it matter?

When it comes to visual identity for any company’s brand, basic elements work hand in hand to establish a rich design aesthetic. From a brand’s logo and color palette to its font selection and imagery, each component is fundamental and helps to set the direction, look and feel for all marketing and communications initiatives – […]

Simple ways to strengthen your brand identity using graphic design

There’s a lot that goes into establishing a brand – from the business name and logo to printed collateral, a website, and social media pages. When building your brand, it’s important to keep in mind that every touchpoint leaves an impression in the minds of the audience reached, whether good or bad. So how can […]

How to leverage case studies as proof points for your business

One of the most important factors prospective clients consider when deciding which companies to work with and support is proof – proof that your business lives up to all of its claims and that it really does what you say it does. This is where proof points come in. While they vary in form and […]

2023 Content Planning: Simple ways to plan for milestones in the new year

With the end of the year in sight, you’re probably doing some business planning for 2023 – or at least you should be. By looking at the year ahead now, you allow yourself the time you need to plan properly, get all important dates on your radar, and create placeholders for items that will pop […]

6 Simple Tips for Mastering Your Business’s Social Media on a Budget

It is no secret that social media can play a powerful marketing role for all kinds of businesses. From ecommerce brands to B2B companies and startups, social media can help companies connect with new audiences, increase brand awareness, and tell their story in a relaxed and relatable way.  Social media doesn’t have to be a […]

4 Graphic Design Tips For Creating Event Branding

Whether you are hosting an on-site, virtual or hybrid event, it’s more important than ever that your event brand be a clear reflection of the exciting, relevant and impactful program you have planned and that it elicits registrations and builds attendance. Advertisers, sponsors, and stakeholders want to know that your event has value to them […]

How to Make Your Brand Message Resonate with Your Audience

Messaging in the marketing world encompasses everything that your brand communicates to others – leads, customers, your community, stakeholders, and future employees. Your message should be representative of your business and foster a relationship with those who come across it.  But what happens when your message isn’t connecting with your audience? Conversations wane, your sales […]

4 Reasons Why A Cohesive Digital Brand Matters in 2022

Digital branding encompasses so much more than just a logo, fonts, colors, and a name. A digital brand should speak your business’s language and communicate with customers, leads, and the community on every level.  While branding in general is important, cohesion is the key to setting your digital branding up for success. A cohesive brand […]

Perfecting Page Layout

Often, a document’s cover is featured front and center when creative folks like me share work samples. But most of the time, the inside page spreads contain the real “meat” of the design. Taking assets from a client and giving them structure, order, readability and creative cohesiveness is also where all the hard work lies. […]

Celebrate Stats!

Sharing statistics with your audience and stakeholders, in communication materials such as annual reports, doesn’t need to be dry or boring. From picking an engaging color palette to showcasing your statistics in a new, fun or creative way, there are lots of ways to bring life to your numbers. The annual report I designed for […]

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